Video Testimonials

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Womens Conference

Excitement and Emotion

“InMotion Videos have been producing the Madisonville North Hopkins Marching Maroons band video for the past ten years and each year Andy finds a new way to bring more excitement and emotion to his productions. It has been an invaluable recruitment tool, has served to aid in the retention of students from year to year, and is the highlight of our yearly Awards Banquet. His products are always first class and completed on time. I can happily recommend his services!”


A Wonderful Product

“In Motion Video Productions has produced a wonderful product for our band program for many years.  Two things stand out in my mind about In Motion: the product I receive is unparalleled to any other and Andy always seems to know how to pour emotion from the screen.  He always seems to catch the students at their best moments from the joyful tears in their eyes, the look on their faces and the emotion they pour into every performance.”


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